Thickness measurements of leaves and thin stems
Thickness measurement of leaves and thin stems.
Measures leaves between 0 and 2 mm and stems between 1 and 6 mm.
Great for plants without (thick) stems. For example: ornamental plants, wheat, seedlings, ... .
Stand-alone data logger connected to the network via Cellular or Wi-Fi.
Sensors show plant responses to changes in the environment (irrigation, lighting, temperature changes,...) or plant manipulation (pruning, harvesting,...).


Leaf thickness between 0 - 2 mm

Thin Stem

Stem diameter between 1 - 2 mm

Thick Stem

Stem diameter between 2 - 6 mm

Temperature corrected measurement.
Accuracy: 2-3 ┬Ám.
Transparent sensor: blocks less light going to the leaf.
Dedicated leaf and stem clips for optimal attachment to the plant.
Robust installation and positioning system.
Weather proof.
Example measurements
75 € per month
2 PhytoClips (free choice of 2 of the 3 types)
Sensor positioning wires
PhytoSense data logger (+ antenna and power supply)
Unlimited data-storage and processing
Cellular and cloud subscription plan
PhytoSense setup and configuration (basic)
Device configuration
Basic dashboards with graphs
Data mapping
Configuration of transformations
Notifications (data quantity assurance)
Use of the PhytoSense webservice and desktop software
Software and installation support: website, manual, email
2Grow offers several services tailored to commercial customers or academic clients requiring more advanced support. Please contact 2Grow for a personalised quote via
Additional services offered by 2Grow
On-site installation
Weekly observation of measurements
Targeted data analysis
Frequent reports
Tailored growing advice and consultancy
Data quality assurance
Continuous support through on-site visits and live chat service
Two-way integration with climate computers and other platforms (e.g. 30MHz, LetsGrow, Klimlink)
Advanced and custom PhytoSense configuration (additional calculations, statistics, advanced dashboards)

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