Finally, an intelligent plant monitoring system that gives insight into your plants.

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Wireless sensor nodes collect plant measurements and send them to the PhytoSense cloud services for storage, processing and visualisation.

Stem node

Sap flow sensor

sap flow sensor

Measures water transport in the stem in g/h.

Diameter variation sensor

sap flow sensor

Measures stem diameter variations in ┬Ám.

Sensors show plant responses to changes in the environment (irrigation, lighting, temperature changes,...) or plant manipulation (pruning, harvesting,...).
Sensors can stay at the same spot on the plant for an entire growing season.
Suitable for herbaceous (tomato, cucumber, capsicum,...) or woody (grapevine,...) stems.
Indoor and outdoor use.


Monitor your measurements from anywhere in the world on any device.
Userfriendly desktop software

Cloud service

Besides general data storage and processing, the PhytoSense cloud services also performs some specific tasks:

Real-time sap flow calculation

Sap flow is calculated in real-time based on the raw signals coming from the sensor. No additional processing is required.

Autocorrect diameter variation disturbances

Disturbances of the stem diameter variation signal due to plant manipulations like pruning are automatically corrected such that a smooth signal is available at all times.

Diameter variation statistics

Diameter variation statistics like daily growth and maximum daily variations are automatically calculated.

VPD calculations

Vapour pressure deficit of the atmosphere is automatically calculated based on temperature and relative humidity measurements.


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